The Strangest Encounter Inside This White Cube

art fundraiser on wordpress and Facebook using shopify & Paypal

Art gifts of Room 36
from A Band of Unusually Unsuspecting Suspects
by charKOL Pte Ltd

The following artworks are available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artworks, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by each of the artists to the said beneficiaries.  Delivery within Singapore only, or where otherwise stated. This is in support of the power of faith, hope and love through art.

for Ni Art Festival
organised by
with special thanks to Lim Li Ping, charKOL Pte Ltd, and
Keen and Dalon, Perfect Arts Frame Maker

It is our greatest privilege and joy to accompany the wonderful causes of the brave souls of the following causes:

1. Ni Art Week 

wildflowers - composition 1 by PEK.jpg“wildflowers in an open field of longings” by PEK SGD1,000

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