Mandai Studio, Singapore

We had refitted an old container with air-conditioning where we could store art materials for facilitating our art related programmes. This was also where we stored our art pieces for supporting the charKOL art gallery.

Through this space, we were able to support the development and offering of charKOL KID, a fine art education classes for children, and also supporting children making art in a garden. We developed site-specific art, heritage and nature programmes for tourists and children, and school excursions. We would weave in a tour of the art gallery of works by local, living artists.

Again, I have purposefully retained the description in present tense as it was originally written, to enable an authentic reflection of our heart hopes.

Peng-Ean Khoo
charKOL Pte Ltd,
May 2015

Mandai Studio, Singapore
charKOL Pte Ltd and Mandai Orchid Garden
2008 to 2009

Mandai Studio workshops and art excursions are conducted amidst a lush garden; never short of inspiration, the location surrounds guests with heritage, nature and tranquility.


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