Poetry Studio, Oxley Road, Singapore

After charKOL at Mandai Orchid Garden closed down, we relocated and created another art space – Poetry Studio. We were trying to keep a continuity with something that required less space, in order to minimise rental cost, after our lessons from supporting an art gallery and socially conscious retail gifting space. So we focused on poetry and book publishing, as something that could be economically viable, while we regained our sustainability, in order to rebuild our resource support, funds and possibilities for continuing our dreams of a self-sustaining art gallery and a socially conscious gifting space.

However, the Poetry Studio eventually too proved to be to difficult to sustain, as the incubation of such a vision would require much more community support and appreciation for self-publication of local books, especially poetry, in Singapore. It dawned upon us that it will require a lot more time and understanding for this space to be poetically and economically standalone viable.

So we put a pause on this vision, and had to give up the lease for this space as well.

Poetry Studio, 2010
charKOL Pte Ltd 
Writing Desks, Library, Computers, Book-making facilities, Book Publishing Support, Business Consulting Support


DSC01428 DSC01429  DSC01431 DSC01432 DSC01433 DSC01434 DSC01435 DSC01436


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