I am putting up my artworks for fund-raising for the following cause:

For One Love Projects



Peng-Ean Khoo loves making art, living poetry in action. She draws, she paints, she engages art installation and community projects, she makes films, she makes claywork, she sings, she writes music. Her next project is a band and musical theatre. She hopes humanity can fully experience and be completely fulfilled by the deep peace, silence, joy and harmony of knowing and living love in action.



I make art pretty much everywhere.


A Series of Happy and Abundant Platters

All proceeds, net of Paypal transaction service, and other necessary administrative and delivery charges, will be donated by the artist towards funding for programmes under One Love relating to infants and toddlers with trisomy 21 and families-in-need:

A Piece of Sky, handmade clay platter, 2015

A Platter of Abundance, handmade clay platter, 2015

The Happy Forest, handmade clay platter, 2015

Who Do You Say That I Am, slip painting on clay, 2015

The Red Studio (After Matisse), handmade clay platter, 2015 – in private collection

Walking the Rose, handmade clay platter, 2015

The Zen Rose, handmade clay platter, 2015