Residencies open to
: Writers/Artist working in any media, with concerns for state and role of art, planet & people
Number of residencies: Maximum TWO writers/artists per residency period
Length of residencies: One month to a Year
Residency period: Year-round
Application deadline: Year-round
Funding: Sponsor Institutions
Funding will need to cover room, board & artist materials and any construction & maintenance of additional artist space.
Selection of writers/artists: Joint selection

We are looking for institutions – colleges, national parks, museums, philantrophic institutions supporting the arts –  to co-host this programme with Moonriver Lodge. We are committed to hosting one writer or artist at a time with each institution.

The writer/artist will be expected to engage with the Moonriver Lodge community and be part of the Moonriver Lodge Team contributing to the sustainable development of Moonriver Lodge and its surrounding communities & land. Other community concerns include Sigar Highlands, Cameron Highlands, the Kinta Valley and the surrounding Nature Reserve corridor.   Writers/Artists-in-Residence may offer classes or engage in community work by way of public art education or public programmes or art exhibitions.

Note that writers/artists-in-residence will be considered as part of the Moonriver Lodge household and hence will be expected to do household chores.

At the end of the residency, writers/artists-in-residence GIFT to The Moonriver Library and Museum:

A collection of essays/blogs
1 completed art/poetry work – however conceived 
1 community project


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